Contemporary artist Aia Bower has come full circle, returning to the San Francisco Bay Area after a decade living and working in France and Italy. 


Aia’s work goes beyond the visual as she explores the poetry available in oil paint.  Her fascination with nature, organic feminine lines and curves, light, matter and energy are expressed through glistening colors and effects in her oil paintings. Each of her compositions suggest an ethereal quality and convey a reverence for the delicate yet powerfully stable elements in life.    


Following in the footsteps of her grandfather, a noted Japanese Abstract Expressionist, Aia has moved close to 40 times with eight of those on an international level.  A lifetime of being uprooted, even when voluntary, and letting go of security blankets — friends, family, home, one's culture and everything familiar — has had a profound effect on her work.


Painting has allowed her to re-frame what "home" really means.  The ephemeral and fragile nature of living things and the importance of finding grace in each day she is given are part of the metaphorical engagements that weave through her work, welcoming the viewer in.


Inspired by Bonnard, Matisse and Morandi, Aia finds insight through her own experiences and, as an ardent observer of her surroundings, in the beauty that she sees around her. Her paintings convey a sense of ease and peace, along with the knowledge that it could all change in an instant. 


Aia’s passion for art and beauty have have been tableaux-in-the-works, waiting to be expressed. As a young child she dreamt of creating images with decadent and creamy oil paints on canvas and linen. And now, after realizing a lifetime dream of living in Paris for many years, the city of light & lumière is embedded in her spirit and her art.  Her works have been shown and sold in numerous juried exhibitions. And her works hang in many private collections. 


Aia, born and raised in Mill Valley, earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History and French Language from Mills College in Oakland, CA. She also studied Art History and French Civilization for a year at La Sorbonne Paris IV in Paris. Currently, Aia is immersed in fine arts postgraduate work at College of Marin with esteemed painter and artist Chester Arnold.


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